Murphy's Law No More
Why Nothing Ever Goes Wrong In Your Life, Ever!!!!!

This is my story...

I was a young girl who hated herself, who lacked self-esteem, who didn’t give any value to her self-worth. In my young eyes, my mom was a strict, abusive, church-going dictator. My dad was an easy-going, drug-using, law-breaking drinker who didn’t care what his kids did. And I was a product of both of them. They seemed to favor my older sister, and the little princess, over me, the middle child, an overweight youngster who learned to stuff her feelings in snack food in front of the television. And before long, during the Summer of Love, I was thumbing my way around Los Angeles, jumping into any car that stopped to pick me up, running to any man who seemed interested in validating my worth.

Throughout the many one-night stands, and three marriages, I found myself kicked around, ignored and unwanted, time and time again. I became a tall, strong woman who felt she was unlovable, unprotected and not cared about by any other person on the face of Earth. My last husband, near death in the late stage of cancer, walked out on me, leaving me penniless. That, indeed, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I broke on through to the other side.

I just couldn’t be pushed down anymore. I needed to truly love and respect myself, to stand up for myself. I became a woman with confidence, someone who has something to share with the world, a person who loves herself. I can honestly say that I am something special. I now stand up for myself. I overcame all of the obstacles in my way.

My story is a journey from dysfunction to wellness. What I will share with you is one woman’s story, but it also is yours. No matter how hard the challenges in your life seem to be, you can overcome them. And in doing so, you will be a much stronger person.

When times become difficult in life, learn to turn to the Spiritual world. I’m not talking about church, but the spark of light that dwells inside your heart, the Godself that is always present within you. Don't panic, and don't run from the fears inside your head. When you don't know what to do, stand still and let the Spiritual world take over, and rest in the knowledge that everything will be OK. I asked for direction, and I was shown in dreams how to handle them. Speak the truth, and rest in the knowledge that you will be guided on how to handle everything that comes your way. Learn to trust in the spiritual realm of life that accompanies you through your darkest despair. Facing it and walking through the fire is your greatest reward.

My story reveals my walk through the fire. As you walk with me, I hope I can share a glimmer of hope with you.

~ Deborah

Murphy's Law No More
Why Nothing Ever Goes Wrong In Your Life, Ever!!!!!

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