by Deborah Lynn11
from the September 2008 issue of Edge Magazine

Have you ever wondered what your birth name really means? Or why specific numbers keep appearing in your life and why some numbers are your favorite? Have you ever wondered why some people have life so easy and some so difficult? Well, wonder no more. Learn to understand why everything in life is in perfect order and that most things that happen in life are supposed to happen. Discover how to make your life on earth easier, simply by following your own spiritual journey according to your Soul's urge. I will offer a powerful presentation on "Your Name Says It All." I will show you the real meaning of the name you chose before you were born.

Believe it or not we all choose our names before we are born. We stand before the heavenly masters and we decide what lesson we need to learn while doing the life here on earth. I will help you discover this hidden message, just as I have discovered myself through adventures in the spiritual realms.

I have been studying the ancient art of Arithomancy for approximately 25 years now and have discovered the secret message -- or the "Sacred Divine Path" -- for literally thousands of names. I discovered this nearly lost science in a book called Discover Numerology by Julia Line. This formula was originally discovered by Pythagoras the ancient Greek Philosopher around 500 B.C. In the name you chose before you were born, there is a message that says exactly where (from your prior lives) you are on your spiritual journey and what you are working towards or what you need to avoid. I believe that our actions in our prior lives often predict what the circumstances will be in our next life on earth.

I have discovered through my study of names that I have the gift of prophecy and psychic mediumship abilities. I am unlike other psychic mediums, because I literally name "Names." I will be giving mini psychic readings during my speaking engagement. Be prepared to be astounded. I am known to go back two or three generations in naming names.